Successful outcomes begin here. By working closely with owners, design team members, subcontractors and suppliers, DCM preconstruction services work analysis to get your project identify any potential problems and develop solutions to a strong start to your project.

Successful project starts with strong preconstruction services: site analysis, cost-saving analysis, scheduling, estimating, and budgeting. Our collaborative, proactive, and look holistically at projects from cost, schedule, and constructability perspectives. We introduce and leverage new ideas and approaches to address our customers’ needs and achieve their project goals.

During the preconstruction phase DCM will:

  • Provide overall management of the entire preconstruction phase
  • Prepare a master preconstruction schedule
  • Prepare the full range of estimates including conceptual, schematic phase, design development phase, and construction document phase estimates
  • Perform constructability reviews
  • Manage the competitive bid process
  • Solicit bids from qualified subcontractors
  • Prepare final estimate
  • Identify and procure long lead items
  • Write comprehensive contract scopes to eliminate change orders
  • Award contracts to lowest responsible bidder
  • Obtain permits as required

Cost Savings Analysis

DCM cost savings analysis considers short- and long-term maintenance costs, engineering costs, labor and material availability, technology, and alternative products and systems. We identify the most cost-effective and time sensitive solutions to meet project goals.


DCM’s detailed estimating databases along with real-time updates help us budget all aspects of a project faster, more accurately, and more efficiently for faster more accurate project projections for our clients. Our budget analysis provides:

  • Itemized costs of major project systems, including current market conditions and availabilities.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) reports
  • Progress price reporting